A New Perspective / Through the Windowpane

I developed this series of images for an assignment in my digital photography class last year, although I consider it a multimedia endeavor.  I am particularly proud of it. I feel as though it’s the first time I was really able to break through and convey very real emotions through my work. Gordon Harkins, my photography professor at Susquehanna University, congratulated me upon its completion. “You have entered the world of ‘fine-art’ photography,” he wrote in my critique. Here is my artist’s statement.

As I enter the age in which I could become a mother myself, I often wonder about the lives my parents had before they brought me into this world. With this collection, “A New Perspective / Through the Windowpane,” I sought to live that experience, incorporating the knowledge and feelings I’ve gathered for my family thus far in my life. These are slide photos of my family that were taken by my father at various points in time, most before I was born; I projected my kin into rooms that, for their own special reasons, reflected my thoughts on the original subjects. See their lives from a growing child’s point of view.

Note: Photos have many dark values and may be better viewed on high-definition screens for more shadow details.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


5 thoughts on “A New Perspective / Through the Windowpane

  1. you know i don’t understand photojournalism… but i love this. this is a photo essay! i need you to submit a photo essay this year. please. ❤


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