Many updates

Since the last post, there have been a handfull of updates in my professional life. If you’re interested…

  • May 23 – Started as a communications intern at an electronics corporation.
    This is my first try at corporate communications, and there seems to be a reasonable chance that graduate interns will be offered a full-time position upon successful completion of the internship at the end of the summer. I’m navigating capitalism, coming to terms with the impossibility of escape without revolt, wondering whether a benevolent company truly exists, wading through promises of “giving back,” “employee empowerment” and “corporate social responsibility,” hoping it’s not all talk. We’ll see.
  • May 15 – Graduated from Susquehanna University summa cum laude with university honors. My last semester was my first 4.0.
  • May 13 – Awarded the Harry Haddon Journalism Prize, named for the founder of The Daily Item of Sunbury, Pa.
  • April 9 – May 6“Warhol and his Imitators” exhibit at the Lore Degenstein Gallery. Two of my projects were featured alongside Andy Warhol’s unpublished polaroids and other art. One was a screen print on canvas of Warhol’s polaroid of Marie-Chantal Miller, and another was a grid of nine 12″ x 12″ canvases, inkjet prints of photographs inspired by Warhol’s screen print portraits of Elvis Presley. Embarrassed for the low-res photos of these, as a photographer, but they get the job done in this case.

    It may be noted that I’m wearing another one of my works to the gallery opening. It’s called “Second Hand,” a dress made out of rejected darkroom prints. It’s meant to give life to the lifeless & voice to the powerless. It symbolizes the way in which knowledge is wielded through power. It was a choice that previously excluded these images from my body of work,  but that choice was violent to these images, over which my decisions are sovereign. This dress gives them a reason to be, and a place to flourish.
    It is just as the Andy Warhol polaroids that were in this gallery opening were not chosen by Warhol himself, but were his rejections. They were published without his knowledge, after the fact, giving them a new sense of life and power, exposing the world to visions which were once excluded from public experience.
  • Spring semester – Cover art and photo essay “A New Perspective” published in Essay magazine. Inside art published in RiverCraft magazine. This post will be edited to include the photos (and photos of the gallery exhibit mentioned above) as soon as I can upload them, so keep checking back.

Coming up, I hope to publish my photography book, the irrationality of fact, through Blurb, the greatest printing service ever. It’s very close to completion right now, but with my laptop deader than dead, I lack access to InDesign.

I’ve been more than inspired to write, but completing my bachelor’s degree seemed more important than blogging at the time. Of course work is important, too, but I hope that with this new internship comes a renewed sense of creativity and spark. Wish me luck.