Is Meereen a good test-run for Daenarys? The Rains of Podcastamere

PodcastamereThis week on The Rains of Podcastamere, we talk about “Game of Thrones” season 5 episode 5, which is presumably the first new episode you all have seen in a month, since I know you’re filthy pirates through and through.

We have lots of questions about Meereen and the North. I fawn over the lovely Valyria scene. It’s all-in-all a good time.

Then we get to our major question: Is Meereen Dany’s leadership test-run for ruling Westeros? Should it be? All this and more. Keep listening!

The Rains of Podcastamere” is’s new “Game of Thrones” podcast starring PennLive Senior Westeros Correspondent Sean Adams, Community Engagement Lead Chris Mautner and myself.

Tune in each Tuesday afternoon at, if you’re into this podcast.


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