Tyrion & Dany are a dream realized on ‘Game of Thrones’ (+ white walkers & more!): Rains of Podcastamere

HEY,Podcastamere EVERYONE! Sorry for the shoutycaps, I am just very excited to talk about this week’s “Game of Thrones” episode with you all. Wildlings, white walkers and oysters, oh my! It was such a great episode that I don’t want to waste your time reading this intro when you could just be listening to us talk about the awesomeness.

In our topic of the day, we give a shout out to JRR Tolkien and talk about the many ways “Lord of the Rings” gives influence to “Game of Thrones” – and where GRRM departs from the fantasy tropes JRRT established.

Listen away!

This post was updated to correct the embed code.

The Rains of Podcastamere” is PennLive.com’s new “Game of Thrones” podcast starring PennLive Senior Westeros Correspondent Sean Adams, Community Engagement Lead Chris Mautner and myself.

Our theme music was arranged by Will Leinninger of Enola and performed by Leinninger and Vegas Grimwood, also of Enola. “Main Title” was originally composed by Ramin Djawadi for HBO’s “Game of Thrones.” Listen to Leinninger’s band 3033 on Facebook and Reverb Nation.

Tune in each Tuesday afternoon at PennLive.com, if you’re into this podcast.


2 thoughts on “Tyrion & Dany are a dream realized on ‘Game of Thrones’ (+ white walkers & more!): Rains of Podcastamere

  1. In regards to the undead Wildlings not pursuing the boats into the water, I doubt living Wildlings could swim, and dying probably wouldn’t give them any expertise in that. They’d bob around, or if unbuoyant enough, sink and not see where they’re going.

    The White Walkers can’t swim, I’m sure. Any that would try would end up in a self-generated ice floe.

    (I might make a long blog post about the dynamics of that…)

    Thanks for the fun podcast!

    Liked by 1 person

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