Saying a few goodbyes on ‘Game of Thrones’ this week: Rains of Podcastamere

PodcastamereRemember that time we were like, “Oh, Stannis is such a nice man and such a great dad! Who knew?” Well, you know who knew? Not anyone else, because he’s a dream crusher. A crusher of sweet, wise, adorable dreams.

I didn’t get to complain as much as I wanted to this week, as I was far off at my house trying to swat away my cats. You all know how much I love complaining, so resisting the urge to interrupt at every turn was hard for me.

The episode was certainly a lesson in the importance of character consistency. And the pointlessness of Dorne. And the awesomeness of dragons.

Then, we have a chat about parenting as a theme in “Game of Thrones,” which seems apropos this week.

After a moment of silence for our dear, sweet Shireen, take a listen.

The Rains of Podcastamere” is’s “Game of Thrones” podcast starring PennLive Senior Westeros Correspondent Sean Adams, Community Engagement Lead Chris Mautner and myself.

Our theme music was arranged by Will Leinninger of Enola and performed by Leinninger and Vegas Grimwood, also of Enola. “Main Title” was originally composed by Ramin Djawadi for HBO’s “Game of Thrones.” Listen to Leinninger’s band 3033 on Facebook and Reverb Nation.

Join us next Tuesday afternoon for the penultimate episode of “The Rains of Podcastamere,” in which we’ll review the ultimate episode of “Game of Thrones” Season 5. In the final “Rains of Podcastamere” episode the following week, we’ll look back at Season 5 and try to tie up any loose ends they’ve left for us. Join us, I say!


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