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Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 5.32.34 PMI finally did it. I bought a domain name, and I made a snazzy little website. There is no good reason for me to have taken so long. [Check it out:]

When getting in my own way grew boring, I finally hopped on with a local domain hosting service (Fresh Roasted Hosting in Harrisburg, Pa.), saw was available, and picked it while it was ripe.

I still have feelings for you, dearest blog, but I knew I finally needed a real website if I wanted to bring in new clients for my freelance business. Working all day is great, but free time can be empty and boring, and I like for shiny new writing gigs to eat it all up.

For now, I’ve snagged a very clean WordPress theme [called Snaps] that I think is lovely. With my newly acquired CSS skills, I’ve got a few minor changes I’d like to make before the site is really my own… once I learn all about how child themes work. Oof.

If you’ve got any WordPress child theme advice for me, please drop it in the comments. If you don’t have any WordPress child theme advice, comment anyway, and tell me your opinions on “It Follows.”

Happy Monday.


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